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Trick or Treating with a Toddler

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

It is always a lot more enjoyable as a parent to trick or treat with a toddler rather than an infant. On that note, I’m not sure people should be taking infants trick or treating because I think the parents are just going to eat all the candy themselves anyway. But anyway, trick or treating with infants is not too fun simply because you have to either carry them around all night or push them in a stroller. When they get to be toddlers, it’s a lot better because they can walk by themselves. The only thing you have to worry about sometimes is carrying their bag when it starts to get too heavy.

I took my son trick or treating these last couple of years and this year he is 6 and probably finally old enough to not need Dad’s help anymore. I will still walk with him but he will be able to do his own thing for the most part and talk about his costumes with his friends. When we get done trick or treating we will likely go home, watch some satellite TV from  CableTelevision.net  and just relax after chowing down on a bunch of candy.

I can’t wait until he is old enough to start wanting to do some other fun things during Halloween. I will have to show him  toilet paper .