The Concept Of Float

I studied about the concept of float in my project management class. I am not really into management and the like, but I really enjoyed the concepts that I studied in the course. Float concept comes in the planning phase of a project. A float is defined as the amount of time an activity may be delayed from its early start without delaying the finish of the project. Float is a mathematical calculation and can change as the project progresses and changes are made in the project plan (Pinto, Project Management, p.284).

Float = Late Start date (LS) – Early Start date (ES)

I just realized that I am implementing the concept of float every morning (to be on a safer side). I am an utter sleepy head and it takes quite an effort for any alarm to wake me up. So what I do is, I set up the time that I wish to wake up in my cell phone, so that I can get ready in a relaxed manner and the time that I have to wake up absolutely (otherwise, I will miss the bus) in my little loud alarm time piece. For example, if I need to catch the 10:00 am bus, the alarm time that I set on my cell phone is 8:30 am (early start) and the time that I set on my timepiece is 9 am (late start). I chose my loud alarm piece as my device for late start as it wouldn’t go off as opposed to the cell phone, which when you press the wrong button in your sleep, goes off. The float time that I am assigning here is half an hour. This is pretty good a practice to keep in check my over-sleeping, otherwise which I tend to miss my classes.

It feels good to relate the principles that you study in your course to your day-to-day activities.

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